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What Will Set You Apart

  • No Competing Loan Officers Displayed
  • Notifications of new listings, open houses, sales price changes. When sales price changes occur for previous listings, flyers are automatically updated, recalculated and sent to the REALTOR®
  • All MLS Photos Automatically Uploaded loan officer or REALTOR® can login to pick and re-arrange
  • Availability MLS Data obtained from over 600 Multiple Listing Services across the U.S.
  • Control Look of Your Marketing Loan officers set preferences used for automatic flyers created with MLS Data! Set flyer layout by choosing 1-5 loan options, 1-5 house photos, REALTOR® profile placement, background colors, images or borders.
  • Loan Officers Control Loan Calculations Set loan comparisons by sales price range. Any loan types... 2nd's, DPA, FHA, VA, USDA, CONV, lender credits & more! MLS Data is gathered (sales price, taxes, HOA, FHA/VA Limits, etc). Your loans are automatically calculated. Plus, rates are updated daily!
  • Compliance Controls lender and bank corporate compliance controls are used.
  • Cost Effective $3/mth per REALTOR® you add to MLS Link (minimum purchase is $18/mth)
  • Great Feature MLS Link is an optional feature within OSI Express. WITHOUT MLS Link, you can add unlimited referral partners at no additional cost to create co-branded house flyers.
    MLS Link just supercharges your marketing by automatically using your REALTORS® MLS Data, sending you notifications and providing your REALTORS® their own login/password.