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100% Web Based and I.T. Friendly Software

Your I.T. department's top priority is to protect company computers.

To accomplish this I.T. managers have needed to prevent any mortgage software from being downloaded and installed by team members.

In the past it was up to your I.T. to manage all initial and updated mortgage marketing software installations for each team member. This devoting of internal resources was costly and time consuming.

WE ARE NOW 100% WEB BASED SOFTWARE which means NO I.T. RESOURCES are devoted to our software. Your company will save time and money!

Also, for companies using remote communications such as Remote Desktop Connection or Citrix®, our software works perfectly.


Mortgage Compliance and Guideline Updates

INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS WITHOUT WORRY!  We constantly update all required industry software calculation and guideline changes.

Updates include everything from FHA MIP and loan limits, VA funding fees and loan limits, USDA calculations to the new National Association of REALTORS® disclaimer in response to FTC's M.A.P. rule and more.

Software updates are timely, provided at no cost and automatically added without our members being required to do anything. 


Accurate & Automatic Mortgage Calculations

Financing, closing costs and APR calculations are very accurate. 

Your financing options are always calculated with the latest industry guidelines. Your specific closing costs can be easily setup once which are then accurately calculated when you create mortgage finance options.

Single User Memberships can edit their own closing costs.

Corporate / Branch Memberships include a corp admin account that can change and lock closing costs and APR calculations. All team members automatically use the changes made by the corporate administrator.


Correct Displaying of Information

The FTC, FDIC, RESPA and now even the NAR® have specific requirements as to the way information is displayed.

Just One Example - REG Z triggering terms clearly state you can no longer advertise any interest rate without also displaying the APR... no matter what your disclaimer says.

Our software compliantly displays financing, APR and your disclaimer.

Single User Memberships can edit their own disclaimers.

Corporate / Branch Memberships include a corp admin account that can edit and lock disclaimers. All users automatically use the changes made by the corporate administrator.


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