Boost business with graphically designed open house financing flyers.

81 beautiful open house flyer layouts that include 27 distinct design concepts, each specifically created to adjust flyer elements automatically so you can display no loan options, or up to 5 loans.

Create a cobranded or non-cobranded house flyer in just minutes.

Your desired financing comparisons, closing costs and APR are calculated with current industry guidelines and real-time industry updates to keep your loan officer marketing correct and compliant!

Use branding colors for your company or your REALTOR’s®.

Providing value to your current REALTOR® partners and developing new relationships has never been easier!

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MLS Link® Single Property Websites & House Flyers


Developing REALTOR® relationships will increase your business.

MLS Link® supercharges value you provide, saves you time and will help you develop more REALTOR® relationships!

      1. Search by property MLS ID to automatically create stunning single property websites along with beautiful house flyers.
      2. Provide your REALTORS® their own login/password. MLS Link® will monitor their homes for sale, create property websites, open house flyers and send you notifications for new listings, sales price changes and more.

A QR Code is added to open house flyers that link consumers to the property website.

Automatic uploading of house photos, property information, your desired loans are correctly calculated using industry guidelines, FHA county limits, and more!


Extend your marketing reach and provide amazing value to REALTORS®!

Property websites are automatically created with MLS Link® and branded with the same colors that are on the house flyer which can be your company’s or your REALTOR’s®.

A link to the property site is automatically inserted when:

      • Emailing house flyers in the body of your email with the HTML Email tool.
      • Sharing house listing flyers on Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® or Pinterest®.
      • QR Codes are automatically created and added to house flyers… great when REALTORS® pass out flyers at open houses. Consumer’s cell phone cameras will read the QR code and visit the property website!
      • REALTORS® can add links to their MLS Listings which will be syndicated out to all national real estate listing sites. Consumers will see your REALTOR’s® profile and property listing along with your loan options and your profile!

Broker & Listing Agent: Broker company name and listing agent are prominently displayed at the top of the property website. The listing agent’s name, title, license (if any), address, phone numbers, website, photo and logo will display along with a contact form.

Property Information: All available property photos (no limit), property description and features such as bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, property type, address and sales price.

Map: Google MAP® with street and satellite view depicting property location as well as location of local schools, parks, restaurants and businesses.

Loan Officer: Loan officer’s full profile including name, title, NMLS and other licensing, contact information, address, website, photo and logo along with a contact form.

Loan Officer’s Loan Options: The same loan options displayed on the house flyer, no loans or up to 5 loans, will display on the property website.

Loan Officer’s Compliance: All of the same compliance items that display on the house flyer will display on the property website including, but not limited to, disclaimers, licensing, Equal Housing Logo, Member FDIC (if applicable) and more. Just like with the house flyers, REG Z triggering terms, correct ARM Disclosures and other compliance items are met.

Local Schools: Local public and private school information is displayed along with location and distance from property. GreatSchools® rating is displayed for public schools with link to GreatSchools® full school profile.

Parks, Shopping & Restaurants: Local parks, Costco, Walmart, Target, Subway, Dominoes Pizza and Starbucks are displayed along with location and distance from property.

MLS Data Source: The listing agent, broker’s company name, phone number and address, as well as the name of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the property MLS ID.

Equal Housing Opportunity: An “Equal Housing Opportunity” link is provided that displays Equal Housing Opportunity policy, law, responsibilities and what consumers can do if they suspect discrimination.

How the Property Website is Updated: The property website is automatically updated with new or additional information every 4 hours . This information includes thing like sales price changes, additional property photos, interest rate changes (for loan officer), etc. If rates have changed, the loans, closing costs and APR are correctly re-calculated automatically.

In addition to the automatic updates above, the property website is updated real-time if the loan officer makes any changes within their OSI Express account. These changes can include things like changes made to the loan officer or REALTOR® profile, branding color selections, any changes to the loan options, etc.

Website Links (URL): The property website link will be + ID# + Property Address

Property websites are automatically created when MLS Link® creates your stunning home flyer. The loan options displayed on your house flyer will also display on the property website. The branding colors for the single property website are also the same as the open house flyer.
Loan calculations for home listing flyers are accurate and compliant.


Easiest and most comprehensive mortgage loan comparison software in the industry. All current compliance guidelines, FHA limits and more are updated real-time.

Your loan options display on house listing flyers, property websites, financing reports… and the APR is correctly calculated for rate sheet flyers.

Simply select loan types and if you like, edit any loan criteria. Your loans, closing costs and APR are accurately calculated.

Use interest rates updated daily, manually edit rates, or corporate accounts can integrate with Optimal Blue or Mortech.


Increase recognition in your market area with compelling mortgage marketing flyers.

Over 100 different, distinct loan officer marketing flyers with more being added frequently for new concepts and mortgage industry changes.

Select any flyer and then if you like, choose from hundreds of all new graphic images to interchange with your flyer.

Just like with all features and flyers, your full profile and branding colors will display when you print, email or share on social media.

Advertising loan products with your profile and branding colors will boost your business!

Over 100 stunning loan officer marketing flyers. Just like all of the house listing flyers, your profile and branding colors automatically display. Share any mortgage marketing flyer, open house flyer or other property flyer on social media.
Rate sheet marketing flyers are quick and easy. The same automatic loan calculations used for home financing flyers are used to correctly calculate the APR. Each rate sheet flyer is branded with your profile and colors, just the same as the house flyers.


Rate sheet flyers are an excellent way to stay in front of past and prospective clients. Financing reports provide valuable information to your clients at the point-of-sale.

Very easy to create.

Calculations are automatic and include mortgage compliance.


Amazing new features for 2020. Faster and easier than ever! All house flyers, marketing flyers, rate sheets and financing reports are completely redesigned.

Completely new user interface from the ground up – very fast & easy!

Property websites are new, automatically created and updated every 4 hours.

With the HTML Email Tool, email flyers in the body of your emails with no attachments.

MLS Link® is redesigned with new, added functionality and is now included.

Share any flyer on Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® & Pinterest®.

This is the biggest upgrade we have done in over 10 years and all features are now included with no added cost when you join.

Click Here to See How The Optimal Blue API Works

Features Included at No Added Cost: Applies to all new accounts and all already established single loan officer accounts. Some previously established corporate accounts with old pricing structures may not be eligible for all new features for no added cost.

HTML Email Tool Included: All accounts get 2500 email credits which means you can send 2500 emails each month. For example; if you have an email recipient list of 500 recipients, you can send to this list 5 times each month. Email credits are not carried over to the following month. The monthly period begins when your account is activated. Your email credits are automatically replenished every month.

Property Websites: Property websites will only be created when using either of the two options included within the MLS Link® feature (noted below).

MLS Link® Included: There are two options included within the MLS Link® feature.

      1. You can search by property MLS ID number to create unlimited property websites and house flyers for unlimited REALTORS®. By doing this, there is no option for REALTORS® to pay any sharing of cost because the REALTOR® is not logging in.
      2. Additionally, you have the option to setup REALTORS® with their own account and with their own login/password. When you do, you can setup up to 10 REALTORS® if you do not wish to share the cost with the REALTOR®, or up to 20 REALTORS® if you are sharing the cost with the REALTOR® in which case the REALTOR® will be required to pay $1.50/mo via credit card. When you provide REALTORS® their own account, sharing or not sharing the cost is up to you or your company. If you like and if needed, you can purchase additional seats to provide REALTORS® their own account.

MLS Data is proprietary to the data owner. We do not warrant having all listing information.

This system is updated and supported by over 600 MLS’s across the United States. However, within each supported MLS service, real estate brokers may control the way their listings are advertised. While most real estate brokers advertise their listings on all national publishers websites including ours, some brokers simply want to know and select the national publishers that may advertise their listings. In this case, instructions may be automatically emailed to the REALTOR® for them to provide to their broker. There is no cost for the broker and following the instructions only takes about a minute. Once a broker has designated as a national publisher, this system will be updated with that broker’s listings including listings for all agents under that broker.

All open house flyer templates, property listing flyers, automatic property websites, rate sheet marketing flyers, social sharing and all other mortgage marketing features are included with your OSI Express membership.
Your mortgage marketing is easier with tools from OSI Express. Get started today!