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Optimal Blue® - OSI Express® Technology Partner

Optimal Blue® – OSI Express® Integration

OSI Express® is proud to be an Optimal Blue® Certified API Integration Partner.

Optimal Blue®

Optimal Blue®, a financial technology company, operates the nation’s largest Digital Mortgage Marketplace, connecting a network of originators and investors and facilitating a broad set of secondary market interactions.

The company’s technology solutions include product eligibility and pricing, lock desk automation, risk management, loan trading, and data and analytics. More than $750 billion of transactions are processed each year across the Optimal Blue® platform.

For more information, please visit www.optimalblue.com.

OSI Express®

OSI Express® is an industry leading mortgage and real estate marketing company with a 38 year heritage of providing marketing and compliance management to lenders, credit unions and federally insured banks.

Technology solutions include property websites, house listing flyers and other financial reports that compliantly calculate and display mortgage loans while adhering to all industry regulations including REG Z, RESPA, F.T.C., and other applicable regulatory guidelines.

Current active users include more than 100,000 mortgage professionals and real estate agents as well as many large lenders and federally insured banks that offer OSI Express® under privately labeled branding.

For more information, please see the features and videos on this website.

How our Optimal Blue® API Integration Works

API Overview

Loan officers can select loans in OSI Express to be used when property sites and house flyers are automatically created using MLS Data, or when creating house flyers manually.

The API integration automatically sends a request to the loan officer’s specific Optimal Blue account that includes all pertinent information such as loan type, loan amount, term, county and more.

Additionally, in their OSI Express administrator account, lender, bank and credit union corporate administrators can set FICO requirements globally or by specific branch, utilize their Optimal Blue custom fields as well as set other defaults which are all included in the API functionality.

Correct rates and discount or rebate from the loan officer’s Optimal Blue account are used in loan calculations.

By default, the PAR rate is used in loan calculations. However, within OSI Express, loan officers can select other Optimal Blue rates with different rebates or discount. Loans, costs and APR are then correctly re-calculated.

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