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CORPORATE SOLUTIONS - Control Your Mortgage Marketing Software

One admin login controls your team members, disclaimers, closing cost and APR calculations.  Assign branch administrators to manage various locations.  Get a private label to enhance your recruitment/retention and be able to add your own mortgage marketing material.  scroll for more


Your Corporate Login

GAIN CONTROL AND SAVE TIME!  From one corporate login you can setup your closing costs and APR calculations, customize your disclaimers by flyer type, add/delete team members and more.

Your entire team will automatically use your costs and disclaimers without being able to edit them in their software accounts.

Real estate marketing and mortgage marketing is easy for your team to create and easily controlled by you.

Assign branch administrators whose changes will be automatically used by team members within their branch only.  This allows you to easily change disclaimers, closing costs and APR calculations for various State or County locations and still maintain corporate control.


Optional Private Labeled Software

ENHANCE YOUR RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION EFFORTS by offering our mortgage software under your brand.

Everything from the login page to the real estate marketing software showcases your offering and is privately labeled for your company. 

We'll register and host a separate website domain of your choice.

You can add and remove mortgage marketing flyers from your corporate library such as sales meeting topics, your specific offerings, etc.  Your custom loan officer marketing material will be automatically branded for your team members.

This is a cost effective marketing tool for companies that are focused on recruiting new team members and maintaining brand consistency.



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