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No software to download. Access
your saved flyers from anywhere!

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There is nothing as easy, compliant and versatile as OSI Express!

Output Options for ALL Flyers

  • Included: Print, PDF, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+

  • Optional - Full HTML Email Marketing,
    add'l fees required

Open House Flyers

  • Over 50 different house flyer formats that
    auto regenerate based on your choices

  • Include 1 to 5 house photos per flyer to create flyers your Realtors will love - auto sized

  • Add unlimited REALTORS® for co-branding

  • Optional - MLS Link™ REALTORS® get a login, MLS Data is used, add'l fees required

  • Display 1 to 5 loan options per flyer - value for Realtors and reasons for buyers to call you

  • Your costs, financing and APR accurately calculated - all loan types and 2nd loans

  • Edit all loan criteria with just a click

  • Save your loan options to use for different properties - just change sales price / taxes

  • Real-Time' industry compliance updates:
    FHA limits, MIP's, VA/USDA Funding Fees, etc

Financing Tools - Auto Calculated

  • Buyer's Cost Sheets

  • Buyer Qualification Reports

  • Rent vs. Own Calculations

  • Side-by-Side Financing Menus

Mortgage Marketing Flyers

  • 100's of different flyers, more frequently added

  • Editable rate sheet flyers (auto APR)

  • Create your own custom mortgage flyers

  • Choose 100's of pre-sized graphic images


Single Loan Officers - Choose Yearly or Monthly


Single Loan Officer
Monthly Option

$45 mth
great way to try it


Single Loan Officer
Yearly Option

$399 1st year
only $99/year after 1st year


Corporate / Multi-Loan Officer Accounts - SAVE BIG!


up to 7
Loan Officers

$115 mth


up to 15
Loan Officers

$195 mth


up to 25
Loan Officers

$275 mth


up to 40
Loan Officers

$350 mth


One monthly corporate fee covers all loan officers.

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime based on your needs.

NO Contract ~ NO Setup Fees

MLS Link™ is $3/mth per REALTOR® (minimum initial purchase is $18/mth) learn more

HTML Email Tool is $14/mth=500 credits, $19/mth=1000 credits, $29/mth=2500 credits


Corporate Solutions

Need more than 40 loan officers or a private label?
We offer cost effective options for any number of
loan officers.



Is there a contract or setup fee?  NO contract and NO setup fees. Only memberships with more than 40 loan officers may require a setup fee.
Can I upgrade?  Yes. You can upgrade your software package anytime.
If I start with a monthly membership, can I later upgrade to yearly?  Yes. You can upgrade anytime from an OSI Express Software monthly to yearly option and get a credit for your first two paid months.


Does my I.T. dept need to help?  No. Our latest release is 100% web based. There is no software to download. Loan officers can access mortgage software and all saved files from any other computer.

Do I ever have to pay for software updates?  No. New software versions and industry updates are always free. Your calculations are always accurate.
SINGLE: Can I add my licensing?  Yes. You can add your license to your profile. You can also add your company licensing and fully edit disclaimers.


MULTI-USER: How do I manage disclaimers, cost & APR calculations?  Your admin login allows you to change and lock disclaimers, licensing, cost & APR calculations. Loan officers automatically use your changes in their software.


How long does it take to get started once I join?  Seconds. As soon as you submit payment, you will create a login.  If you purchase any multi-user membership, you will immediately create your corporate admin account.